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Posted by: Pipi5 Jun 7 2011, 07:18 PM
Well my little Gabby Gurl went to the bridge yesterday afternoon. She spent a wonderful weekend with her other momma, Momma Cora & feasted on steak, peanut butter, salmon & sweet potato food. When I picked her up yesterday, Cora said she had been fine all weekend, but had some weakness in her hind legs. When I got her home, even using a harness Cora had provided didn't help her. Her hind legs were pretty much gone. I think w/out the vet telling me that she's had a series of strokes over the passed few months on top of just turning 14 yrs old.
We had been together since November 2002, her family split up & the mom was going to have to give up all her pets in order to get state assistance. Being close friends with them, I volunteered to take Gabby. In Feb 2003 Gabby had her first seizure. We got her on phenobarbital & she's been successful since then.
For someone so shy, she was so determined to do things HER way. Ask Smiley. He would look at me like: Momma, she's sitting on me. Momma she's walking on me. He learned that she didn't weigh that much & if he'd be still, she'll slide off & get comfy next to him. She shared her dinner with him every night & these past 2 nights he's gone in there to see if she's finished only to find she's not there.
I miss that sweet girl with the big huge eyes. I think she knew she was ready. She laid quietly as they administered the medication & they didn't even use that much before she was gone. I'm at peace with her leaving. I know where she is she's okay now, no epilepsy, no stroke & she has all her teeth again.
On a parting note, to bury her at my regular place (she's next to Gogh) she has on the necklace Softee sent her. I took all her collars off but made sure she was still wearing the necklace that Beryl & Softee sent her.
Here are some pictures of her.
user posted image
user posted image

I love this one, she's trying to fit in BuyCut's little bed:
user posted image
user posted image

She loved the futon & didn't care who was up there, she was going to get on it & lay on it. So move....
user posted image

She loved her coats!
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

She had her own chair at Momma Coras:
user posted image

She is truly missed here tonight and will always always be remembered for loving her families...she loved to snuggle, loved to eat, loved to go outside. She was determined to live a long life & she did. I wanted so badly for her to live to her 14th birthday & she was May 12th.
I love you my Gabby Gurl....
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Posted by: dad2paisley Jun 7 2011, 08:46 PM
I am sorry for your loss. I know Gabby is now running free and watching over you all. I am saying some prayers for you all. Gabby had a great life with you and got lots of love.

Fly free sweet Gabby.

Posted by: 2NOFLEAS Jun 7 2011, 08:57 PM
It's never easy to send a loved one on to the place where they can wear the wings they earn while here with you........... but one day you'll be with her..... keep that in your heart while you look up at the stars at night for her.

Run free sweet angel.

Posted by: Beryl Jun 7 2011, 09:38 PM
Hilda I know there are no words to help you I am so sorry for Gabby's passing just remember the poem I have posted so many times
The Spirit Of A Greyhound

I was standing on a hillside in a field of blowing wheat,
and the spirit of a Greyhound was lying at my feet.
He looked at me with kind dark eyes, ancient wisdom shining through.
in the essence of his being, I saw the love there too.
His mind did lock upon my heart as I stood there on that day,
and he told me of this story about a place so far away.
As I stood upon that hillside in a field of blowing wheat,
in a twinkling of a second his spirit left my feet.
His tale did put my heart at ease, all my fears did fade away
about what lay ahead of me on another distant day.
"I live among God's creatures now in the heavens of your mind,
so do not grieve for me, my friend as I am with my kind.
My collar is a rainbow's hue, my leash a shooting star.
my boundaries are the Milky Way where I sparkle from afar.
There are no pens or kennels here for I am not confined,
but I'm free to roam God's heavens among the Greyhound kind.
I nap the day on a snowy cloud gentle breezes rocking me,
and dream the dreams of earthlings, and how it used to be.
The trees are full of liver treats, and tennis balls abound,
and milk bones line the walkways just waiting to be found.
There even is a ring set up, the grass all lush and green;
and everyone who gaits around becomes the Best of Breed.
For we're all winners in this place; we have no faults, you see.
and God passes out those ribbons to each one, even me.
I drink from waters laced with gold, my world a beauty to behold;
and wise old dogs do form my pride to amble at my very side.
At night I sleep in angel's arms, her wings protecting me,
and moonbeams dance about us as stardust falls on thee.
So when your life on earth is spent and you stand at Heaven's gate,
have no fear of loneliness-- for here, you know, I wait."
-Author Unknown

Posted by: greydaddy Jun 8 2011, 12:32 PM
I am sorry for your loss.

Posted by: Pipi5 Jun 12 2011, 10:03 AM
Its really been an odd week, I think I'm okay with losing her...I know she's no longer struggling, but then just a little hint hits me & I break down.
I know Smiley is still looking for her. Every night after he finishes his dinner, he goes & looks in her crate to see if she left him anything. That's been one of the hardest things for me.
He has been reluctant to get on the bed at night, she always got up there after he did & usually either stepped on him or sat on him & its like he's waiting on her to get up there so he can get out of her way.
Pipi has been restless too.
She was with me long before they were & I think they're confused as to where she is.
But I have no regrets, I had put this off so long & I felt selfish about it. She never ever let me know she was ready to go, that it was time, until Monday...something connected between us went off in my heart & I knew it was this day.
I know ya'll when I understand, when they gave her that first shot, the look on her face was like.....finally.....finally its time & I can go now.
I know she is restored to a completely healthy, whole pup...with all her teeth.

Posted by: mountain4greys Jun 12 2011, 11:16 AM
Hilda, I am so very sorry.

Posted by: inquisitive snoop Jun 12 2011, 09:45 PM
Hilda, I am so sorry for your loss. She is running free of pain with all those who have gone before her. She will always be in your heart and thoughts


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