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Posted by: TheBigBoys Feb 25 2011, 10:07 AM
Since the passing of our boy Murphy this past Tuesday it seems Henry has not been himself. In the 20 years of adopting greys we have said good-by to now 9 of our beloved friends but have always had multiple greys so I never noticed any major change in any of them after the passing of one. But my Henry is now an only dog and am not sure how to deal with his what seems like depression or just plain sadness. I may be reading more into this because he may just be picking up on my vibes, my question is do you think they actually mourn or do you think it is more of a case of him sensing my grief and sadness. I have really been trying to go about a normal routine with him but he is just not responding. Thanks for any input anyone has on this issue.

Posted by: DonnaBehr Feb 25 2011, 11:18 AM
I can tell you from past experience that they ABSOLUTELY mourn.

When Brittne died a couple of years ago, Chica laid curled up on the sofa for a week. She went out to do her business and she ate, but that was it. Buddy, my senior boy, grieved for Brittne for an entire month.

When Buddy died last year, they were all very quiet for several weeks.

Henry needs a friend.

Posted by: dad2paisley Feb 25 2011, 06:53 PM
I think they mourn. Our girls knew something happened but they went through our other 2 greys passing.
Bear was not himself for about a month. Now, he's back to his playful self.

Posted by: Beryl Mar 15 2011, 06:14 PM
I also believe they mourn and I know they did for my dh when he passed away, they were not acting right and not as frisky as they normally were

Posted by: Pipi5 Apr 10 2011, 03:14 PM
I think so. When Snowy died, Pipi became very quiet & distant. None of the others did, just her. But Pipi is my "mother" dog**. She was the one who alarmed me that Snowy was down in the yard after her stroke. Then when Snowy came home from the vet, Pipi was her constant companion.
Only Jack was here when Gogh died, and I think Jack was more concerned about me than anything. I had been gone from his life for nearly 2 months recuperating from my fall & he only wanted to take care of me. The others didn't come home for a couple of weeks after Gogh died.
Now my cat Jjetz...he mourns every one of them. He paces the floor, meowing & looking from room to room for any of them who have left.

** Not a broodie, just mothers everyone. She also barks if anyone like the cats or one of the dogs is at the back door & wants inside.

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