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Posted by: Fast Dog May 27 2011, 11:46 AM
If you had the opportunity to either write the NGA or track owners, or voice your opinion to them face to face, what would your advice be to increase attenance and participation in greyhound racing?
What would you say to them?

Posted by: dad2paisley May 27 2011, 02:46 PM
If I had a chance to speak to them. I would tell them they need to make going to the track a great experience for the family.

For example. When we had the CFL here in town, each game they made it great experience for the fans. You were able to go on the sidelines and get autographs, they had food tents up, live music, special areas for sponsers, lots of freebies. Could have a tent with adoptable greyhounds. People like freebies even if it's something small. They always had something at halftime too. They would have these guns that shot out t-shirts and they shot them into the different parts of the stands, they had drawings for prizes etc.
And always at the end of each game, they had fireworks. So, when you left the stadium, no matter if the home team won or lost, you felt very happy and wanted to come back. Each week was a bit different but that was the great part, you didn't know what cool stuff they were going to have. Also, the local sports media was there talking up the game etc. They made it a fun party like atomosphere.

So, if they could do something like this, it could be a start. Also, advertising is a must. Billboards, commercials on tv, radio and not just promoting the slots but the racing.

Also, don't forget to put adoption in the advertising too.

I would also talk about getting sponsors. i.e Coke, Pepsi, Bud, or any local business. Try to get donations from these sponsors for track workers, the facility, track surface.
The announcer can say, Race 3 sponsored by Budweiser. Also, have them put up money for big stakes races. i.e Pepsi's $40,000 Mega Stake race. Some cool name for the big stakes. This will draw people in.

Maybe somehow get these sponsors to give grants monies to local charities or have them sponsor a race(stakes) and part of the winnings they will match for a local charity or organization. The rest of the winnings will go to the dog folks who won.

By doing something like this will put a positive spin on any negativity out there.

The tracks can say, here at Derby Lane we are all about the family.. Come out for a day of fun or come out for a night of fun... Something like that...

Just a few thoughts.

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