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Posted by: 2NOFLEAS Mar 14 2011, 10:10 AM
2 Female Afghan hounds - update (north of Cato,NY) (photo)

(permission to cross post)
Update=3/13/2011 still missing spotted north of Cato seem to be going North but slowly have been spotted
just North of cato, would take any help if you have time to come help,they love chicken and burger and
have been out for longer then week,think of all the Elderly they help in therapy and help get them back to their jobs...PLEASE.I will post exact areas soon or calling will probably be faster since they are there on site..

Last crossroads-Ira Hill Rd and Rte the town of Ira near Cato. seem to be moving slowly to North ,but would call John or Jan to double check..

If you would like to volunteer and help look for the dogs, call the dogs' owners. Jan Plank can be reached at 315-689-7237 and John Whitford at 315-730-1428.

Read more:

Two nationally ranked American/Canadian champion Afghan hound dogs are on the loose in Weedsport. They need to be found quickly because, not only for their welfare but because they are therapy dogs to the elderly. They are black in color and very friendly. Their names are Sleet and Kimmie. Both dogs are wearing collars. Being that the temperature is so cold, we are extremely concerned about their welfare. If seen Please contact John Whitford at 315-730-1428

Posted by: dad2paisley Mar 14 2011, 11:13 AM
Hope they find them soon.

Posted by: 2NOFLEAS Mar 15 2011, 01:40 PM
3/15 update:

Nothing that I've heard of. One of the flight training schools neaby said they had heard of the situation and had already had a helicopter over the area and might be doing some 'training' exercises and would consider flying the area more. They had heard of the situation so that was good - words out.
One of the girls was going to contact the news station that did a story on them and see if they had a news chopper and could perhaps get some flight time.
Otherwise we were going to try to do a fund raiser to raise a couple hours of helicopter time - it was $340 per hour or something like that.
I also contacted boarding/riding stables to see about getting some trail riders into the area and so far got one email back - but I left the owners number on the craigslist ad so hopefully they had or will have some luck with horses going in.
Apparantly it's a pretty rugged area where they are suspected to be.
There is small game, running water, trees and hills. They found some road kill deer that appeared to be gnawed on by dog's and the owner thinks she found some Afghan Hound hair.
So they are getting food and water.
The owner is beside herself, I called yesterday. Her husband also recently had a quadreuple by-pass so he has no business out their walking the fields - which is how they have spending the past week. I think the hardest part at this point is keeping 'hope' that they will be found and we have a happy ending on this - it's gone on way too long.
Thanks for checking I will let you know, when I hear more.

3.17 update:

Still not found - they are expanding the search to a 50 mile radius (per instructions from some of the pet searchers). Here's the message I got for the spokes person
They had a sighting on Saturday - and a couple showing the girls going West -

"We need to expand our search area. Volunteers are needed to get out posters, if local, and if not to get word out by cross posting, or using social networks that the following towns and areas Fair Haven, Red Creek, Phoneix, Wolcott, Hannibal and Fulton, and Baldwinsville are included in the search.

People may not know what an Afghan looks like, even with the photo so it is helpful to describe them as having a skinny tail with a circle at the end, and pointy, long faces.

Please contribute ideas that we can use on this site! It is the two week anniversary of their missing from home today. Let's get these girls back home!!"

They are also looking to see if anyone has a database of vet contacts for the area. It got to the print version of the local newspaper - was online yesterday

...and nasty people saying things like 'coyote bait' etc.

Anyways just an update - thanks


Posted by: dad2paisley Mar 30 2011, 10:47 AM
New updates?

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