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Posted by: 2NOFLEAS May 2 2011, 05:34 AM
Black female named Kiowa lost 4/30/11. Owner has notified GFNC (her adoption group). She needs help. She has a gmail address so I don't think she can post here. I am on the opposite side of the state and we need local folks to help with flyers. I've emailed her a flyer template. I've copied Michael's instructions from the pinned section.

Owner has given me permission to post here for her.

from craigslist: Lost- Black Greyhound Saturday around Talley's Crossing area of Kernersville. Last seen running west on railroad tracks heading towards Winston-Salem along West Mountain Street. She is black with white markings and is very gentle. Reward if found.
Please contact 336-391-8724 or 336-391-8723

Thank you for the information. I have notified the local greyhound group and posted in a multitude of places online. Drove around for 10 hours yesterday and walked on foot near area of her last sighting. Tomorrow, we are hiring a bloodhound guy who also tracks pets. Unfortunately, he was not available this weekend. Yes, I would like to post info on the site. I have attached a flyer we have been handing out and posting. The area we are in in Kernersville, NC 27284. You can use the info on the flyer to post whatever you think is important. She is black with greying around eyes and some scars (surgical and otherwise). Wearing a wide gold collar. Someone who saw her (incidentally, a greyhound owner) tried to catch her but she kept on running. She is originally from Greyhound Friends of NC adopted in 10/04. Unfortunately, no tags. :-( Thank you for your help and advice. We are sick over this.

Hokiebuck, Kiowa was last seen on Mountain Street near Pisgah Church road/Warehouse area on the RR tracks running westbound on the tracks.

Posted by: dad2paisley May 2 2011, 11:18 AM
Hope they find the pup soon.

Posted by: 2NOFLEAS May 7 2011, 06:58 AM
This is from one of the searchers:
I just got a call from a very excited and happy Laura letting me know that Kiowa has been and sound and is back home!!!!! She was just found a little while ago and Laura said it was just so unbelievable the way it happened! It seems that the son of friends of theirs had gone to Advance Auto Parts in Walkertown and while he was out he decided to go over to Lowe's grocery store to buy a tube of chap stick. As he was either going in or out of the store he saw a black flash out of the corner of his eye, and when he turned around to look he saw it was Kiowa! He chased after her and Laura said she thinks he said she ran into a fence or something and he was able to grab her! He put her in his car and called Laura! She and her family were in Don Juan's eating when they got the call and she said she burst out crying and they all got up and ran out of the restaurant! Kiowa is in surprisingly good shape considering she was gone for almost 7 days. She apparently ran into the house making all kind of whining noises, ate, drank water and then ran in and jumped on her bed with her toy! I told Laura I was going to send out an email right away and she asked me to please tell everyone "Thank you so much" for everything that everyone has done to help in the search for Kiowa! She said we will never know how much it meant to her and her family. Our Prayers were answered!!!!

Posted by: dad2paisley May 7 2011, 02:46 PM
I love happy endings.

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