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Posted by: dad2paisley Jul 18 2010, 11:09 PM
I have been wanting to write about our Board, and our Board Identity, for a long time now.
This Message Board (EG Everything Greyhound) has been online in some form since the beginning of August, 2005. I did not try to model this forum after any other forum; as with my website, I wanted to create something different, and something very unique.
Because we are very passionate about the greyhounds, I belong to some of the big online lists for Greyhounds and know how they can be at times. For those of you who have never seen or participated in this type of online list, they can be eye-opening experiences!! In lists like these, people can get very passionate (which is good), very rude and inflammatory (which is not good), and the Administration can have a heck of a time trying to enforce the list rules and simply keep the peace.
We are DIFFERENT here. We are a FAMILY. This is my vision for our forum, and I am sticking to it!!! We will have our disagreements, and we will have some people who may not feel comfortable with some members, and some of the decisions made, but I do not want us to become another "list". I don't want us to have a lot of rules, heavy-handed moderating, etc. etc. I want us to use our brains, our hearts, and the common ground that brought us together in the first place -- love for our animals -- to LEARN to work through the difficult times TOGETHER. Because, for those of us who need and want this support and friendship in our lives, this forum has become an online FAMILY.
People are free to come and go as they please. People are free to form friendships with whomever they please. I asked for some people to step up to become Moderators when the board got too large for me or when I was away, and we have some wonderful people who volunteered and have done just that, and I thank them for it. As Moderators, my only request of them was that they try to be watchful especially in the different heavily posted areas so that people can get help right away if they need it, and secondly to try to help ensure that EVERYONE who posts gets responded to and acknowledged in a timely way. I know I speak for them as well as myself when I say that if any member sees a situation that they think should be addressed, or a thread moved, or anything that seems inappropriate or of concern ... please let me know!!!
I ENCOURAGE friendships to be formed here amongst ALL members. For newer members, remember that some people have been involved with the board for many months now. Like any family or community, some people are going to gravitate more towards others due to common interests, age, experiences, etc. With the number and variety of members that we have now, and the wonderful compassionate nature of our members, I firmly believe everyone will find lifelong friends here if that is their desire. The more you put into the board and its members, the more you will get back in return.
As I have said, all feedback and ideas are truly encouraged. Members can Instant Message each other, me any time, in addition to posting on the various boards. We aren't afraid to try new things here!! We have a lot of fun and I know I have loved the laughter and gentle humor at our own expenses that we have shared as this forum has grown. Each member brings new perspectives and ideas, and we are all the richer for their contributions and participation.
Thank you from me to each and every one of you for being part of our forum Community and Family!!!!

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Posted by: allforgreys Jul 20 2010, 01:00 PM
That is great. Well said.

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