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Posted by: GreytScott Jan 28 2014, 01:28 PM
Would it be okay if I join you all? We don't have our houndie yet but if he does well with the kids and our current furgirl, Birdie (a GSP mix), at our second meeting tomorrow morning then we will be bringing him home in about ten days (eeeeeeeek)!! Fingers crossed because I am IN. LOVE.

Here's our boy, Slant (Formerly Atascotia Slant):

user posted image

Posted by: dad2paisley Jan 28 2014, 04:05 PM We are glad to have you here.

Slant is very handsome. Congrats.

Posted by: greydaddy Jan 28 2014, 04:11 PM

Tell all your friends too.

Posted by: GreytScott Jan 29 2014, 04:32 PM
Well, this morning was a disappointment. My mobile was off and I didn't receive the calls from the kennel trying to inform me he was in for his neuter this morning. No meeting today - talk about being devastated! I also learned (I'd never been told) that I needed to provide proof of our current dog's vaccination and sterilization. Now I know, it's common sense, isn't it? So I've got to gather that this weekend as well.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to schedule another meeting for Monday or Tuesday. By then we'll have Birdie's health record in hand as well and can make a final determination. By now the lady at the adoption kennel knows how badly I want Slant, so he's on hold and she even said she'd hold him for a few weeks (at most) if we needed that much time to prepare.

I'm going to get an ulcer over how stressed and nervous I am. I want him so badly, his big brown eyes saw straight into my heart. I found out today from a woman who knows the owner of his former kennel that he's excellent with children, even children in numbers, and *even* Autistic children. I feel so sure he's my dog soul mate, at this point I will jump through whatever hoops I need to to bring him home. I can only hope the fates have it in the cards for me.

Posted by: dad2paisley Jan 31 2014, 06:30 PM
I am sure it will all work out.

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