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Location: Olive Branch, Mississippi, USA
Born: 14 February 1952
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Greyhounds, church, family, love NCIS
I have 6 retired greyhounds, My pre-adopt is now racing at Birmingham. I have 4 cats. I help to haul greyhounds for a group in St Louis, Missouri.
I have retired from FedEx after 37 yrs, on May 31 2013. I am now employed by my church & I love it more than when I worked for FedEx.
I have 2 sisters, a neice & a great nephew. I'm a widow. I love life & have been enjoying it alot.
Born & raised in the South.
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Dec 5 2013, 09:55 PM
Estelle was 15 months when I got her & I had just retired from FedEx. At FedEx to make us feel better, my boss gave us all these awesome teddy bears. So soft & cuddly, if you were feeling stressed, you could hug these teddys & feel good. Well Estelle (and Helena) have adopted these teddys.

She does not like Helena touching her baby:

Helena doesn't play softly with her baby:

Thus, I gave them both teddy bears:
Dec 5 2013, 09:42 PM
Well June 19th, I lost Jack to old age. When I left for work that morning, he was fine. When I came home about 4:00, he had died. He had just turned 13 on June 1st.

ON JUNE 1st, I picked up Jimmy. He had belonged to Erin Owen. Erin could no longer keep him due to having to move, and she asked me in an email & of course I said yes. It was quite fun how he was brought to me. My friends Wanda & Dennis Curry called Erin & because we were all going to St Louis for a greyhound festival, they secretly told Erin they would bring him to me. They told me, their neighbor Dennis was bringing him while going to a reunion with his family. When I got to the hotel, they said someone was waiting for me, something about a greyhound. I walked outside & there they all were, Dennis, Wanda & Jimmy! Handsome fellow!

A week later, I was fostering 3 beauties. Estelle, Sunny & Sunny's momma Quibble. Cheryl, this friend of mine, told me Estelle couldn't be spayed, her heart is seriously damaged, she's going to have to go to someone savvy with greyhounds with special needs. Estelle was only 15 months old, she had fractured her neck as a puppy also. She quickly warmed my heart & I adopted her.

Well September, I got a call regarding a foster girl. female, just off the farm. I said Helena? As in Helena Hambone? OHMYGOSH! I had started following her last year & had mentioned a few times about pre-adopting her. She would be my black female. So once I fostered her at my house, she fit right in, cat safe, I adopted her.

I need a new siggie, ha ha ha
Oh Estelle update.
She's fine now. My vet, Dr Blackburn, has checked her just about every other month, her heart is beating perfectly clear now. I had mentioned to her breeder about this heart condition, she said maybe Estelle acquired a virus/infection around her heart. Without telling Dr B what the breeder said, he said he same thing.
He said that maybe she was out growing it. Regardless, she hasn't come in season, and I keep a close watch on that. I'll have her checked again when she turns 2 in January, then we'll do the spay.
She is in top condition now, except when she plays...her rear end goes faster than her front.
Thurles has gotten her outside several times at night & coached her at racing around the yard & grabbing her teddy as she runs by.
Let me just happen to post some pictures of that too.
Dec 5 2013, 09:04 PM
Poor puppy....I'm just going to start where he schooled at Southland. He just couldn't race there. He schooled I want to say 4 times.
He enjoyed seeing the track & meeting new friends.

Then he was moved to Sanford Orlando. We (his owner Jay & I) thought he was finally catching on to racing at SanOrl, and then the kennel he was in, moved.

He was really doing good in Orlando. Really catching on.
He moved to Derby Lane. Neither Jay his owner, nor I were happy, but not much we could do or say.

The entire litter moved to Derby, but after about 7 tries, they moved everyone to Sanford Orlando, then they moved Pass to Birmingham.
So far we're okay with that. Jay was hoping that he could move him back to Southland by the first of the year, and I think he's still hoping for that.
In the meantime, Pass seems to be catching on to the game, he's racing strong too. Wise, smart racing. He's in Grade A so we're not complaining too much. I'd just really like to see him race in person.
Birmingham isn't that far, and we've talked about driving down there for a matinee race & wouldn't you know it, he's racing in the matinee tomorrow & we're got ice storms all over the place.
Birmingham pictures!!! Gosh I forgot to finish!!!

They seem to race him a lot out of the same boxes!

Here's one for the books, yep that's him in the Red.
Jul 11 2013, 09:57 AM

I cannot believe I haven't even introduced ya'll to Estelle.
Lil girl came to me a few months ago, she did not race, she was injured while playing with some other pups on the farm. She had gone thru chase the stuffy training, been tattooed and is even on Greyhound Data.
The breeder called Cheryl and said we have one that won't race due to her injury, so Cheryl was going to have her vetted, then she'd join Rescued Racers in St Louis. Well after her exam, it was found she had a bad heart murmur. No surgery, can't even have her teeth cleaned (they're snow white). Is going to need a home that will take special care of her.
I got her as a foster & fell in love, I know....she's not black, but her face is. She was 17 months old when I got her (she just had her 18th month birthday). After a few days, I told ResRac I'd keep her...they said, just keep her as a permanent foster. So here she is.
My vet Dr Blackburn said You'll be the best since you've already had one with this condition (my elkhound Sadie). Let her be a puppy, let her run, play...she'll know when to stop and she does. She just plops down where ever & naps.
Here's some pictures of her....she loves her kitty Fiona.

Love that black face!

She loves stuffies & toys, plays mostly by herself, although Thurles gets out there with her & runs with her chasing behind him.

This is my favorite

Jun 19 2013, 11:19 PM
Rc's Jack Flash
June 1, 2000 - June 19, 2013
Just had his 13th birthday a few weeks ago. Grumpy on the outside, a big puppy on the inside. Hated for anyone to come in my bedroom, especially if he thought they'd get on my bed where he always was.
He was always the one to welcome the fosters into the home, as long as they didn't get near his dinner or his bed. Never hurt anyone, loved the cats.
Sometime this afternoon, he left to cross the bridge. I wasn't home, I had no clue...that was probably his plan.
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