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Aug 27 2010, 07:09 AM
Hey everybody!

My husband and I just got married in June, moved to Oregon in July and adopted our FIRST greyhound two weeks ago! He was a retired racer named Raider Mocha (we call him Hermes now). He's a big lovely white and brindle boy! He did really well at the races, but quit after just 7 races which we suspect is due to an injury. Our adoption agency is looking into this, and that's probably why he has a persistent limp.

My husband and I are both active and in our mid-20's and Hermes is our first dog of our own. I'm currently working on a distance education degree so I'm home with the needlenose most of the time while my husband works. Our hound joined our pack of 3 cats, ourselves, and my college buddy who is rooming with us :)

We're very new to greyhounds and having a dog of our own--we've done a lot of research, but as some of you I'm sure have experienced--knowing and doing are sometimes very different things! We're figuring out Hermes just as much as he's figuring out us, so you'll probably see tons of questions pop up here (there's already one in hound 911 about personality development, etc. if you'd like to take the time to contribute your firsthand knowledge of this delightful breed for our benefit).

I'll admit to a little bit of 'killing the baby' syndrome (with Hermes being the baby) so I can be hyper-aware of problems that aren't necessarily even problems!! I'd love to hear about all of your first experiences with the breed, both from the show ring and off the track!!

Aug 27 2010, 03:35 AM
Hey folks!

My husband and I are first-time greyhound owners and we're stumped and a little concerned about our retired greyhound's behavior.

When we first brought our boy Hermes home, we were impressed with how well he behaved. We kept him with us constantly (crate is in our bedroom) and taught him all about his new home (how to get in/out of the car, windows, how to go up/down the stairs, where to go potty, how to treat his toys, etc.). But despite all the time we've spent with him and interacting with him, he doesn't seem to have bonded with either of us. He doesn't treat us much differently than any other person he meets.

Anyway, he's decided the couch is the best thing ever, and has initiated play with us and will wag when he first sees us, but otherwise shows very little sign of happiness. He's quiet, and doesn't seem to WANT our attention. When we praise him and pet him he stands still and has no reaction. He doesn't seek us out unless we physically leave the room/go upstairs or down. When we go to the dog park (after the first time) he goes off on his own and completely ignores us, even when we use his name/talk excitedly at him.

We've been working on some training, and he does respond to his name for the most part at home, and we're working on come, wait, etc.

Training has been difficult with him because he's not motivated by toys, praise, or food. It really seems like our dog doesn't like us! It's been almost two weeks since we brought him home--has anyone else had experience with a dog taking a looooong time like this to relax emotionally? It only took him a day or two to initiate play with us...

Any help and advice would be much appreciated!! We're not sure if we're doing something wrong or if we just might not be the right people for him. We've read a lot about greyhounds and have tried to be very positive with him and train by catching him doing things right, etc. etc. so I don't think we've made him feel unwelcome...

If anything I've put in here is unclear.. please let me know! We're pretty desperate to figure out what to do about our dog's seeming detachment from us and the environment.

Thank you in advance! We really want to make this work, but I want the dog to have a home that will suit him.

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