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> NGA holds auction, responds to attacks
 Posted: Jun 20 2014, 03:52 PM
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By Gary Guccione Fri, Jun 20, 2014

Friday morning’s 10-lot greyhound auction, held under a lien pursuant to the evacuation of the Shane Vonderstrasse farm in mid-May, came off without a hitch. Most of the greyhounds sold—some, perhaps, to race competitively, others to begin or extend their breeder careers. Just as it should be.

Those that didn’t sell are being placed into adoption programs—also, just as it should be.

If Grey2K had its way, none of the greyhounds would have been sold. But then, Grey2K would say that about ANY and ALL of the dogs raced or bred by NGA members. In their world, no greyhounds would ever even be bred for racing. But more on Grey2K’s tiresome mantra in a moment.

The sale netted just under $7,000, with all but two of the older broods selling. It pretty much brought to a close a five-week situation wherein NGA swiftly and efficiently moved 141 greyhounds out of harm’s way from a farm in Mt. Pleasant, AR. Through the selfless efforts of NGA personnel and volunteers, the greyhounds were quickly restored to full health. Most in the greyhound world lauded NGA for its quick action in the incident.

But even a noble effort such as this one somehow can’t escape the condemnation of Grey2K. Unsurprisingly, their spin was filled with half-truths and outright lies—something they’ve become famous for over the years.

The NGA’s tiny auction was blasted by Grey2K as a “profit-making, money-grab.” Never mind that an auction is a state requirement, under Kansas’ lien laws—the final step in giving NGA authority to legally distribute any greyhounds owned by the previous record owner. There are no profits to be made here, especially when you take into account the approximately $14,000 that eventually will have been spent by NGA and AGC to carry out this mission. Sorry, Grey2K; you strike out again.

And by the way, when was the last time anybody saw Grey2K put up $14,000 to provide food and care for greyhounds in an emergency? The answer is: “Never.”

In the next lying breath, Grey2K accuses NGA of telling the sheriff of Izard County, Arkansas, to not file charges against the perpetrator of the farm problem. That is simply untrue. NGA was told by the sheriff’s department that it was ultimately up to the prosecuting attorney in the county to determine whether charges would be filed. NGA has no standing to make that determination. Moreover, never did NGA request or urge the sheriff’s department to not file charges. In the final analysis, it was their county, and their call.

Contrary to any report otherwise, NGA would certainly cooperate if charges were filed, and if NGA were asked for assistance. Why would we not cooperate? It was at our request that law enforcement got involved in the first place. Our first and foremost objective was to remove greyhounds from an at-risk situation. The sheriff’s department accompanied NGA at the time of the initial inspection, and applied pressure on Vonderstrasse to voluntarily relinquish the pups, under the threat of immediate and certain cruelty charges.

Grey2K’s Kool-Aid drinkers alleged that NGA was protecting one of its own. Truth is, Vonderstrasse is no longer an NGA member, nor one of “our own.” Grey2K, not known to let the truth get in the way of a good story (or an animal-rights temper tantrum), forgot to remind their minions about the NGA Board’s June 4 ruling, where Vonderstrasse was given the harshest punishment possible under NGA rules—total revocation of all privileges and banishment from the sport, for life. In fact, no one in the sport can conduct any type of greyhound business with him, or they’d also risk punitive action from the NGA Board.

NGA protecting him? Hardly. Because of the action, Shane Vonderstrasse will never be able to own or handle NGA greyhounds again.

Once the lies start, Grey2K just can’t seem to stop when it’s on a roll. The anti-racing group went on to assert that NGA is merely a “lobbying group.”

First, that’s a serious case of the pot calling the kettle black. Lobbying is one of Grey2K’s most significant budget items; both Carey Theil and his wife, Christine Dorchak, are paid healthy salaries for lobbying on behalf of Grey2K.

Second, how many lobbying groups would do what NGA did in this emergency? Unlike Grey2K, the NGA actually delivered on its animal-care commitment with actions to benefit greyhounds. The Grey2K rhetoric is just another case of this radical animal rights group trying to rile up (not to mention get donations from) their choir members.

The incident in Arkansas was an extremely unique situation. In my 43 years with NGA, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. NGA’s quick action turned a potentially huge tragedy into a remarkable effort—one that the hard work of many in the industry and the adoption community will soon bring to a proper conclusion.

The noble mission of the last five weeks warrants a positive wrap-up, so here it is. The greyhounds that sold in today’s auction—like any other NGA greyhound ever sold—are being given another opportunity to do what they love and were originally bred to do. NGA and its members should be proud of the legitimate, humane and legal sport and industry in which they are involved. They need to apologize to no one—least of all to Grey2K.
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 Posted: Jun 22 2014, 01:28 PM
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I hate Grey2K :redangry:
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