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» & other good information
 Posted: Dec 30 2010, 09:28 AM
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Grey Pup

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The most important thing about the way their service works: they broadcast a telephone alert to 250 to 5,000 neighbors in the area where the pet was last seen and let them know about the missing pet. They also send flyers to vets, shelters and other animal-related businesses in the area.

People can also post a free posting on their Lost and Found. They just need to go to the website, click on "Groups," register and then join the Lost & Found Dogs Group.

In addition to broadcasting an alert, they recommend listing lost pets in the lost & found on the following websites (craigslist should be done daily), as well as posting flyers around the neighborhoods within at least a 3-5 mile radius, and visiting local shelters every day or two: [community/pets and community/lost&found] [classifieds] & Twitter (has various lost pet sites or set up your own as well as post to your own pages)

There is always a chance that someone may try to sell the dog. For this reason, they suggest looking in craigslist under "pets" for sale as well as checking local papers. (I would also suggest looking under found dogs in pets and lost/found - people don't always post the dog's description or much information to try to protect the dog from going to the wrong people).

Most newspapers offer free "found" ads, and someone may have placed an ad in the classifieds that they found the pet, so that should be checked, as well. Also remember to contact the microchip company and let them know the pet is missing; they may even be able to tell you if someone has already scanned your pet.

Contact information:

They also have a referral program. This can be a good way for groups to raise a few $$ for their own funds. I am on this program under Purple Greyhound. Any referrals I get I donate to Ohio State University for their greyhound studies program or I have also had owners contact the administator and I waived my referral fee to help the owner with the costs of the program.

From personal experience in other searches that I have helped remotely with, their program has helped bring attention to a lost dog that had no sightings for about 10days. With in minutes of the alert, calls were coming in that the dog had been seen. It also brought more attention to the flyers in the area.

Some other similar services don't support flyers as well as this group does and they accept phone calls and emails where others tend to not support their customers as well. Be cautious too of some services that only send alerts to people and businesses that contract with them...... therefore - you might think that you are getting a lot of alerts sent out when in fact you may only be getting a few or none at all. I've also known one company to not start their service until more than 48hrs after the owner paid for the service - by then, the dog was home. They refused any refund requests or to reply to owners.

When in doubt, do a search on the service you plan on using first. Of course, you may find negative comments for any of them, but then again if you've been involved with searches, then you'll understand that there will always be people that tend to be negative to anything, even flyers posted around town.

One important thing to note: ANY of these services should not take the place of on site people searching and posting flyers. They are here as another tool to support the ground team and give the family and pet the best chance possible of being reunited quickly and safely. Sometimes, that's all we can do - is to give them the best chance by using all the opportunites we can find to get the word out.

If you are using more than one service or posting to multiple places on line, it may be helpful to have one volunteer keep track of all this for the owner and limit confusion and time wasted on the computer instead of being out in public. They might even want to post that information in one place publicly (like this forum) so that all the volunteers can see what has been done. It may also be a good idea to post places on line for the volunteers to know where more flyers are needed and places that have already been done. This would save time of duplicating efforts and again lessen confusion. You may find that some forums don't allow such lists to be posted, here we encourage it.

No matter what you choose to do....... if you are the owner of a lost pet, please remember that you can't do it alone. You need help. A team quickly assembled will be your best hope to reunite your family. If you are someone helping an owner to find their lost pet, remember to be sure to get the owners' permission to do any kind of posting of personal information first, keep track of what needs to be done and what has been done, setting specific volunteers for specific tasks will help with keeping track and be sure to use as many tools as you can - technology has come along way and can be used to help. As long as you have one person keeping track of postings, etc you can lessen confusion and duplication of efforts by crossposting to as many places as possible. It only takes that one person to be in the right place at the right time to reunite a family, but you have to go through hundreds and thousands of people to find that one. You may lessen your chances of this by limiting your posts to one forum, etc. Nothing is a guarantee - but we want to be sure you have the best opportunites you can without making the situation confused.

[URL=<a href="">Lost Your Dog or Pet? will call 1000s of your neighbors instantly.</a>]My Webpage[/URL]
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 Posted: Dec 31 2010, 09:27 PM
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Grey Pup

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I actually received a recorded phone call about a lost dog in my area from them, I didn't know the dog but because of the phone call I was on the look out everytime I went out.
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