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Jun 10 2011, 11:38 AM Virgil Sweeden and Rebecca Forrest of PawPrintsLife, based in Dayton, Ohio, are proud to offer these products and services. Visit for easy links to our products.

Life’s Abundance Holistic Products for Pets and People.
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Premier Pet Photography Services
We use the best action cameras in the world to capture great memories from agility, obedience/rally, and more. We also specialize in pet portraiture. Our customers often tell us that our images truly capture the personality of the dog, cat, or person. We love any indoor photographic event that brings us close to animals!

Virgil’s skill comes from his thirty-year career as a professional photographer as well as his master’s degree in fine arts. We are both guided by our sincere love for animals.

We work mainly in Ohio and Indiana, and our schedule fills quickly. To see where we’ll be, visit and click on Upcoming Schedule. For examples of our work, click Agility Photos, Obedience/Rally Photos, and Portrait Photos on that site.

To contact us, call 513-779-8934 or 937-436-5788. Or email
May 29 2011, 03:10 PM

By Rebecca Forrest (PawPrintsLife)

Millennia of pounding feet
a sound replete
with rush of breath
and throbbing beat.

The bounding flight
beguiles the sight
of bolting prey—
first left, then right.

Around the bend
past the fence
gaining on
the flashing fur.

The quest evades
and slips from sight.
The coursing fades.
Then—hound’s delight—
a new command.

The heart complies—
smooth backyard spanned—
to alpha’s eyes
and loving hand.

For more of my writing, I hope you'll visit Thanks!
May 28 2011, 07:54 PM
I'm happy to be here on Everything Greyhound.

My name is Rebecca Forrest. My husband Virgil and have three beloved greys in our lives right now:

Logan is our 7-yr-old brindle boy. He's sweet, gentle, and wise. He had a badly broken leg from a track accident when he was 4. Two surgeries (and a LOT of care later), and he's doing very well now.

Zelda is our snarky little princess. She's 4 yrs old, a parti black. She's gorgeous and convinced that she's in charge.

Jordie is our one-eyed goofball. He's 3 yrs old. He lost his eye as a puppy. Virgil jokes that our adoption agency must have slipped a Galgo in on us, because Jordie shows no sign yet of setting down to adulthood.

Virgil and I run a very busy pet photography business here in the Midwest (US), and we represent several lines of holistic, herbal, and healthy products for dogs, cats, horses, and people.

I'll be happy to meet you and get to know your pups!

Rebecca Forrest
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